Notable Works-partial list

  • The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jerusalem.

  • The British Museum, London

  • Playboy Club, Mayfair, London

  • Greek Embassy, London

  • Hilton Hotel, London

  • Waldorf Astoria, Grand Wailea Maui,

  • The Four Season Hotel, Miami, Fl. USA – a monumental 20 meter long stacked glass sculptural wall.

  • The Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv- Glass artwork in the main lobby and business lounge

  • The Museum of the History of Jerusalem, Jerusalem- A series of carved and painted glass panels throughout the museum.

  • Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel – Holocaust memorial

  • Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong.

  • The Israel Supreme Court, Jerusalem

  • The Israel Presidents Residence, Jerusalem

  • Citicorp Bank, NY, USA- Designs for a 28 meter high monumental glass sculpture for the atrium of the banks headquarters in Manhattan.

  • World Market Center, Las Vegas, USA. – Design for a monumental glass sculpture, water feature and cast bronze chandelier.

  • Trump Towers, Sunny Isles, Fl. USA- three monumental stacked glass sculptures in the lobbies of the three towers

  • The Yitzchak Rabin  Medical Center, Israel. Cast glass screens and art panels  throughout the lobby of the medical center

  • Ben Gurion International Airport- Cast glass sculpture

  • Israel Diamond Bourse- Stained glass ceilings

  • Vilnius, Latvia- Israel Consulate, Cast glass wall mural and painted glass ceiling

  • Munich, Germany -Israel Consulate at Hitler’s former headquarters - 12 mt. high external Art Installation.

  • Toronto, Canada -Israel Consulate 

  • Law Faculty, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Rock + Republic Fashion Company, Beverly Hills, Ca. USA- A cast and stacked glass sculpture.

  • National Fire Brigade Memorial, Israel

  • Ecological Sculpture, Beersheva, Israel

  • The Synagogue on Wall Street,NY

  • The Great Synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel

  • The Land of Israel Museum,Tel Aviv

  • Bucharian World Jewish Center, NY, USA

  • Ashkelon Cultural Center- Israel. Stained glass murals in the main theater

  • .The Aish Center, Old City, Jerusalem - Monumental glass Torah Arc.

  • Shvartz-Cohen Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel- Creation of monumental stained glass panels on a three story entrance window.

  • Diamond Center Synagogue, Manhattan, NY, USA- stained glass work.

  • Israel Presidents Conference 2008, ‘Facing Tomorrow’, Jerusalem, Israel – Creation of a monumental stacked glass sculpture depicting the motif of the conference- Hope and Building a Better Future.

  • Elop Satellite Optics- Cast glass sculpture

  • Ashdod Medical Center, Israel- Design for a 35 meter high monumental glass and acrylic sculpture in the main lobby.

Sacred Sites and National Heritage sites in Israel

  • The Kotel: The Western Wall, Jerusalem.

  • Rachel’s Tomb, Bethlehem

  • Tomb of the prophet Samuel.

  • The Tomb of King David, Mount Zion, Jerusalem.

  • The City of David, Jerusalem

  • The Rambam, Maimonides Tomb, Tiberius, Israel

  • The Tomb of Rebbe Meir Baal HaNes, Tiberius, Israel


Residential works in the following countries- USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, Israel,Panama, India, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, China

Artwork in private collections in USA, Columbia, Panama, UK, France, Italy, Australia, India, Israel.

Synagogues in the USA, Israel, UK, France, Australia